Gloucester February – March 2018

A favourite moment of working with you all was when everyone shared their song gifts. It was when the group really showed how close knit it was, listening and supporting each other.

We also remember eating lunch together in the church (a certain amount of cheese left on the floor!) and practicing Leanings in the big gym Hall.

We’ve thought about you all a lot and your stories; Chloë’s dad in the greenhouse, Nicola’s dad on his bike and Katie and Steven’s trip to buy a car.

And then the show! Seeing grins from Meg and Jack in Whitney and hearing Roger telling of his grandchild repeating the helicoptering hand dance of his daughter.

We had such a beautiful, joyful and thoughtful time with you lot, THANK YOU!

Gloucester Portrait Tile

It’s been a delight working with such a diverse group with such interesting stories. And being given the permission to dance in a safe space. Thank you.” – Honor Hoskins (cast facilitator)

The thing I’ve really enjoyed is reflecting on what Dads pass on to the next generations. What you can see reflected, what you carry from your own dad onto your own children” – Rodger Drury (cast member)
“It’s shown me how much my dad was there and has done in my life. And what a  great family unit we were” – Nicola Bates (cast member)


“So cool to be in the middle of so much creativity. And joyous to dance on stage again after 30 years” – Chloë Green (cast member)

“A  lot  of  time  in  the  sessions  was  given  over  to  reflection,  there  was  space  and  silence  for  people  to  give  a  moments  thought  to  a  comment  or  piece  of  music.  I  have  been  more  aware  of  giving  people  time  to  reflect  in  my  other  work  since  the  project,  I  have  been  less  worried  about  filling  a  silence.” – Honor Hoskins (cast facilitator)

Thank you to Strike A Light.

Dad Dancing is touring to Strike A Light as part of the Collaborative Touring Network project. The Collaborative Touring Network is supported by Arts Council England Strategic Touring Fund, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and Garfield Weston Foundation.


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