Brighton August- November 2017

We had an amazing time with you all in Brighton. Such warmth and joy and heart! We remember the first time we tried the Dad Conversation (which wasn’t a scene by the way before you came along!). You dads really took the idea and ran with it, sharing such personal, hard, joyful and beautiful experiences. This scene was a moment many audience members remarked on, they had not heard men being so candid and thoughtful about fatherhood before.

Another highlight was seeing everyone develop their own approach to Circle Dance; Nora totally going for it, Vangee letting herself go and Terry dancing to Raspberry Beret. And we loved the Kids Scene; giving the younger members of the team a chance to rock their moves and shed more light on their families (Solomon likes to play on the Wi U but Jason doesn’t!) And I think it’s safe to say that Lisa’s song gift will always be with us when we hear The Flaming Lips!

You recreated the show with us, Taps and Leanings didn’t exist before we say you guys dance together! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Helena, Alexandrina and Rosie xxx

BrightonWorkshop-4“I have no experience whatsoever with dance. And I just thought Dad Dancing? Yes, whatever that is,  I can definitely do that.”




“It  is  joyous  to  move  with  other  people.  Particularly  with  people  of  different  ages.  People  tend  to  dance  with  their  own  peers  and  age  group.  It’s  a  brilliant  way  to  express  yourself.  People  say  ‘I  can’t  do  this  or  that’.  But  everybody  can.  Everybody  can  express  themselves  in  movement.  It  may  not  be  to  a  professional  standard,  but  that  doesn’t  matter.  It’s  not  important.  It’s  what’s  inside  you  that’s  important.  And  to  share  that  joy,  we’re  able  to  do that.  It’s  a  great thing  to  do.  It’s  a  great  opportunity.”


AGREE to be on blog Letter4_2


“I  remember  being  really  reserved  at  the  beginning  of  the  first  session.  By  the  end of  the  first  day  I  was  kind  of  understanding  how  the  discussion,  the reflection,  the  writing and  the  dancing  all  knitted  together.  Even  by  the  end  of  the  first  session  I  went  from  10%  open  mind to  about  90%  open  mind  because  I  just  felt  I  can  trust  these  lovely  dancers  and  go  with  it.  And  now  I’m  doing  street  dancing  for  over  50’s  that  I  would  never  have  imagined doing!  I’m  enjoying  that group  participation  in  a  different  way.  So its  a  happy  ending.”



AGREE to be on blog Letter3_6

Thank you to South East Dance

Co-programmed by South East Dance and Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts.


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