Ramsgate March-May 2018

On side from the get go! How lovely to have such energy and engagement from you all! We had such a lovely time dancing with you.

A very early highlight of working in Ramsgate was that first workshop in the Salvation Army Hall. All dancing textures; tornadoes, the sea, military and we turn around and suddenly all the children have cucumber guns!

Another special moment was when we did the Circle Dance for the first time at Pie Fatcory Music and the group did that magic thing; suddenly we were all dancing together, people were coming out of their shells and celebrating one another dancing.

We loved seeing Eddie dancing to Star Boy, Brian loving the drum n’ bass and Eva beaming as she was lifted over our heads and flown across the stage.

The group you created in Ramsgate jelled so beautifully, looking out for and checking in with each other. We loved seeing how welcomed our Dads were in show week, they felt right at home.

Thank you so much you wonderful bunch, you are MEGA!

Helena, Alexandrina and Rosie xxx


The  opportunity  to  dance  with  my  son.  I  thought I  would  have  to  wait  years  for  that, but  no!  And  to  do  it  in  front  of  an  audience.  I  never  thought  the  day  would  come  that  we would  do  that. Sergio (cast member)

The  show  has  integrity,  honesty.  It  is  solid  gold.  We  were guided  by  3  very  intelligent,  skilled  and  thoughtful  women. It  was  tight,  safe  and  they  made us  feel  secure  and  I  am  not  sure  I  could  feel  like  that  again. Rob (cast member)



I didn’t feel shy any more, I just didn’t care. I got to break out and let loose. Niamh (cast member)
When  I  moved  here  with  2  young  children,  I  was  the  only  dad  in  the  toddler  groups. People  would  look  at  me  to  say  ‘Why  are  you  here?’  I  felt  so  isolated.  This  wasn’t  just  dance. There  was  no  awkwardness,  it  was  about  that  relationship. Rob (cast member)


It  boosted  my  confidence. It  put  me  one  level  above myself.  It  made  me  feel  better. Brian (cast member)

Thank you to Looping The Loop Festival.

Dad Dancing is touring to Loop The Loop Festival as part of the Collaborative Touring Network project. The Collaborative Touring Network is supported by Arts Council England Strategic Touring Fund, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation and Garfield Weston Foundation.


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