Letter Writing Installation

Accompanying the show was a letter-writing installation designed by Becky-Dee Trevenen, which encouraged participants, audiences and passers-by to share their own stories and write a letter to their own father-figure or child. The installation provoked funny, poignant and meaningful reflections on fatherhood, with over 100 letters written in several languages across the 4 locations we toured to.

“Hi Son. This is the first letter I’ve written to you. You are the most…everything. I’m in love like never before. Love Dad x ” Anonymous, Dad Dancing Letter Writing Installation

“Dear Dad, I wish I’d known you before you were in the war. My mum said you were more outgoing and fun. I wish the war hasn’t damaged you. I wish I’d known how to be around you when you were ill. But I think we knew each other in a quiet sort of way. A fierce, silent bond. I wished, I wished so much for you. I think you knew”. Anonymous, Dad Dancing Letter Writing Installation

This growing collection of personal stories travelled to each town, and the installation that held these letters also provided a welcoming space for audiences to talk to each other and reflect after each performance. The installation was hosted by facilitator in each location, who was on hand to talk to audiences about their experiences of the show, and their own reflections on fatherhood. The show and installation reached audiences of over 1,700 people.

“We  were a  part of a  piece of theatre,  something special. The audience wasn’t just the  audience. 2 hours after the show on the Saturday  night, an audience member was talking to us in the  pub and she was talking about her dad with us. It was amazing.” Rob, 42, Community Cast, Thanet



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